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I can queue for any dungeon

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Napisany 19 June 2019 - 02:05 AM

In fact, only a year before the announcement of Classic, Blizzard waged a gruff, controversial legal war with the arbiters of Nostalrius, the most popular unauthorized vanilla server at the time. Blizzard had the server closed for good, which created a lot of bad blood between the company and some of its most unyielding fans. The two other major private servers left, Kronos and Elysium, are still active, and most certainly won't be willfully ceasing their enterprises once Classic hits next summer.

It's the calm before the storm, and nobody on the wrong side of prohibition knows what's going to happen next. "We have a mix of WoW Classic Gold players who range between 'the sky is falling' and 'Elysium is our home—we aren't going anywhere,'" says the administrator of Elysium, who is in his late twenties and from Europe, and requested to remain anonymous. "I think things will become a lot more clear when Classic hits."If you ask any vanilla Warcraft exile why they've been left cold by the game's latter-day expansions, they'll inevitably cite the same handful of coarse, crotchety reasons. Azeroth became a gentler realm as time went on and Blizzard defanged the MMO for broader appeal.

Former tentpoles like group content and the stingy loot grind were put out to pasture in favor of something more malleable and approachable. In 2018, I can queue for any dungeon I'd like without ever seeing the instance portal firsthand, and I can truck around Zandalar in one of my 9,000 mounts for 'welfare epics'—powerful items given for free—that are regarded as little more than a log-in bonus. The bereaved 2006ers would argue, fairly convincingly, that those compromises radically changed World of Warcraft's DNA. Their only option was to start a new eden.

"Where before my character, my play style, my achievements were unique—they became watered down, commonplace, and less significant," says a 48-year-old from North Texas who serves as a community manager in Elysium. "This eroded the individual. And when the individual uniqueness of players becomes blurred, the community falters as everyone becomes one and the same."

Perhaps you would expect that Blizzard's hat-in-hand mea culpa would be especially validating for these folks, in the way that it always feels great when someone tells you you've been right all along. But if you're familiar with how stubborn the private server community can be, you'll know that isn't the case. Time (and repeated kiss-offs like Brack's famous reprise) has hardened the suspicions of Elysium's denizens into a near-impenetrable alloy. That makes them doubtful that Buy WoW Classic Items could ever replicate the same kismet they've found on their own, which is quite a thing to say, when you consider that something like Elysium is powered exclusively by Blizzard-hewn mechanics, and Blizzard-hewn assets, and Blizzard-hewn design philosophy.

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