you will usually have to push for more contracts per game -

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you will usually have to push for more contracts per game

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The below list shows the top attainable players for offense and defense through achievements upon the game’s release 2K MT. Warning:Although placing these players on the court will excel you to the top echelon of leaderboards, be aware that they cost a hefty price. To play any player onto the court that is around Emerald tier or above, you will usually have to push for more contracts per game. The higher rated a player is, the more you have to shell out to keep them there. If you run out of contracts and attempt to play them, there is a high chance thatyou will just lose the card outright, meaning you’ll have to farm for the card all over again. If you have enough, though, feel free toplay these top players in each position as much as you wish.

Center: Wilt Chamberlain – Offense Rating: 99 – Galaxy Opal RewardThe hall-of-famer is considered one of the most dominant players all time and is a product of my alma mater, the University of Kansas. He is the only player to have ever scored 100 points in a game, achieved seven NBA scoring titles and averaged 30.1 points per game over the course of his career (50.4 in a single season once).Point Guard: John Stockton – Offense Rating: 98 – Pink Diamond RewardA ten-time All-Star, Stockton played his entire career for the Utah Jazz. He is the NBA all-time leader in assists and holds a career average of 10.5 per game. Playing with the second all-time leading scorer, Karl Malone, definitely helped his numbers, but Stockton was truly an exceptional floor general.Small Forward: Grant Hill – Offense Rating: 99 – Pink Diamond RewardGrant Hill was widely considered one of the best all-around players of his generation while playing for the Pistons.

While playing in Detroit, Hill averaged 21.6 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.3 assists. Unfortunately, injuries seriously derailed his career after his Detroit years.Power Forward: Tim Duncan – Offense Rating: 95 – Pink Diamond RewardTim Duncan was quite the player on his way to five NBA titles. Over the course of his career, Duncan averaged 19 points and 3 assists per game. The 15-time NBA All-Star was known for his fundamentals in the post.Shooting Guard: Paul Westphal – Offense Rating: 95 – Diamond RewardWestphal was both a player and nba2king a coach in two of the most successful seasons in Phoenix Suns history. He is the Suns fifth all-time leading scorer and averaged 20.6 points per game while in Phoenix. He was a top 10 scorer in the league for a couple seasons in Phoenix and even won the first H-O-R-S-E competition of the NBA All-Star weekend.DefenseCenter: Wilt Chamberlain – Defense Rating: 96 – Galaxy Opal RewardNot only was Wilt a dominant force on offense, but he dominated on defenseas well.

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